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We brought authentic Montessori education to China. 
Montessori + bilingual education + Multi-culture course = A world Citizen

Opera Nazionale Montessori

Graduation Ceremony

Italian Excellence in the World

Mischievous Kids and Former French Prime Minister, talking About What?

About us


        Freesoul Kindergarten of Pudong is the sister school of the Italian Children's House established in 1907.This campus is accredited by,the Opera Nazionale Montessori of Italy.

        Our curriculum is designed for children ages 2.5 to 6 years old and we focus on a childoriented progressive Montessori approach.Unlike traditional school courses,Montessori courses are designed to help children independently master the basic skills used in every day life.

        At Freesoul,we encourage independent learning and natural progression.

        We are bilingual school where your child will learn both Chinese and English.

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Hotline:021-68416127、17717043079(biyun ) 021-37011727(xinmin)    0575-85150606(shaoxing)  

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