Save the World ART  

Preserve arts digitally, put museum collections and expert knowledge into your hands

Why are we doing this?

Only a small part of museum objects are on public display at any one time, and then, they’re normally only described 

by a small wall label in storage. People who look after large collections of historical artifacts 

often don’t have the onsite floor space to publicly 

display even a fraction of these objects.

So, let’s 3D scan it, save it, making the museum collections tangibly and creatively, 

let more people feel the art, to lean its history and story 

through printing and sharing.

We offer 3D Scanning technology to support you to bring the museum arts public.

We’re celebrating creators like you. Capture your interests, your passions, and your art life with our EinScan-Pro. Submit your best scans, case stories, video edits related to museum arts right here. We’ll be granting awards for our favorites.

Print your summit scan by EinScan-Pro in SLA/SLS/SLM technology

Loan an EinScan-Pro 
for your project

Sponsor your museum art related projects

Our museum projects

SHINING 3D are applying the latest 3D technology to help a gallery owner in the Binjiang District of Hangzhou give easy and open access to his family collection and share these artifacts as widely as possible.

Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang, travelmates as well as couple, went to the ancient city of Babylon with Shining 3D EinScan Handheld 3D Scanner and EinStart-S 3D printer in the trueman show ON THE ROAD (one program that is very popular in China's biggest video website Youku), to donate the scanner and printer to the Iraq government on behalf of Shining 3D.

Machines 3D Scanning

Characters written almost 4000 years ago now preserved! Shining 3D partner Machines 3D from France scanned this ancient engraved plate with EinScan-Pro for preserving this precious treasure of human civilization.

Who can be involved in Save the World ART

EinScan-Pro Users

3D Scanning Experts, Artists


Join the Flight

Embracing 3D scanning! Use 3D Scanning technology to develop 3D data models of historically significant artifacts, artwork in museums so that Arts are preserved digitally.

Save the world ART puts museum collections and expert knowledge into your hands, wherever you are in the world!

Join the fight to save the history and culture of the world:submit your own 3D scan here to the mail: or upload to Sketchfab with the hashtag #EinScan-Pro and #SWART

Ways to Apply a Scanner

Want to loan an EinScan-Pro 3D Scanner to start your museum digitization project? Submit your application here or send in an application at

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