2016 SHINING 3D Global Partner Summit

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Partner: AniwaaexocadSomos

Date: July 27-28, 2016

Address: No. 1398, Xiangbin Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

What is this event for?

An amazing festival — 2016 SHINING 3D Global Partner Summit

From 3D scan to 3D print

Connect you and me in Hangzhou, China

Participate in this global summit for all overseas SHINING 3D partners

Share your ideas of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology here!

We create many “firsts” here!

The first global summit in SHINING 3D New Headquarters

The first grand festival for all overseas SHINING 3D partners

The first time we show you the SHINING 3D 3D Printing Ecosystems face to face

This time we show a totally new SHINING 3D to the world!

77 Industry Experts
46 Companies from Various Fields
23 Participating Countries
15 Keynote Speeches

Some Keynote Speeches

07/27 15:45-16:15       Li Tao

Industrial 3D Printer Introduction (SLA/SLS/SLM)

SHINING 3D CEO Mr. Li will introduce SLA advantages, applications and user cases in different industries. Introducing how to get metal parts rapid manufacturing from SHINING 3D SLS/SLM machine, plenty of application cases sharing of metal parts manufacturing and integrated solution of 3D printing and 3D scanning.


07/27 13:00-13:30      Martin Lansard & Pierre-Antoine Arrighi(France)

The 3D printing and 3D scanning landscape in 2016: trends and insights 

The 3D printing and 3D scanning landscapes are changing fast and becoming increasingly competitive. Martin and Pierre-Antoine would like to share some of the findings from their market studies and industry reports, in order to highlight the perspectives for these fast-growing yet challenging markets.


07/27 13:30-14:15       Edward Yau(Taiwan)

3-in-1 Digital Implant and Orthodontic Treatment Planning Through the Integration of Intra-oral Scanning and Cone-beam CT Data

Prof. Edward Yau introduces how to connect the intraoral 3D scanning with CT, capture the intact dental information,and to realize dental implanting. Successful cases will be used for illustrating.


07/28 8:30-9:00        Antoine Motte (France)

Third Industrial Revolution Through 3D Printing and Scanning

The last 30 years of evolution of technology has been disruptive given the birth of information technology and the internet permanently changing for our relationship to information and the way of connecting people, the 3D printing technology is ushering in the Third Industrial Revolution where it opens up a new collaborative space era that changes our relation to production and to the economy.


Li Tao


Li Tao, the CEO of SHINING 3D from co-founding it in 2004. He also as the role of the vice chairman of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance and the chairman of Zhejiang 3D Printing Technology Alliance. Li Tao earned his bachelor's degree from zhejiang university, majored in International Finance.

Martin Lansard & Pierre-Antoine Arrighi(France)

Co-founder, Aniwaa

Pierre-Antoine holds a Master in Electrotechnology from engineering school ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France. He also completed a PhD in Innovation Management. At Aniwaa, he oversees all the content strategy and technical consulting. Martin is a graduate student of Edhec Business School, in Lille, France, where he completed a Master in Management. Martin now supervises Businesss Development for Aniwaa .

Edward Yau(Taiwan)

Prof., TDS

Edward Yau was graduated from Taiwan University and got his Ph.D of mechanical engineering in The Ohio State University. He is an technical expert in Cummins Engine, distinguished professor of Mechanical College, National Chung Cheng University, and also he is a director of Precision Mold Center in Chung Cheng University.

Antoine Motte (France)

CEO and founder, Machines-3D

Antoine Motte is the CEO and founder of Machines-3D.Machines-3D  is an e-shop specialized in 3D printing technology services and products redistribution based in France and in Belgium. 

Successful 3D Scanning & 3D Printing Customer Stories

Dental restoration needs many steps, including gypsum model making, measuring of the model, false tooth making and trial restoration, etc. If the measuring comes with low accuracy or some errors, the patient will feel uncomfortable. And this design method takes a long time and has low efficiency.

Now we can personalize the most suitable splint or prosthesis according to the patient’s physical situation through using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. With this 3D printed splint, patients can move as flexibly as normal persons. It has great effects on orthopedic treatments.

Zhenlong firstly focused on the design and making of custom-made earphones. With the help of EinScan-S, they got the most comprehensive and delicate constructing data of human ears. The custom-made earphones Hear Infinite Series designed on the basis of human ear contours did match the ear holes well.

OV-10 Bronco was created by United States, used for Multi-tactical reconnaissance and attack purpose, first flew in 1965 and put into practical use in 1968. SHINING 3D used 3D photogrammetry system and high precision blue light 3D scanner working as a whole solution to get a complete 3D model of OV-10 and make different aircraft models.

Industrial 3D Printer

The No.715 institute, as one member of the world 500 strong enterprises -China shipbuilding Industry Corporation is our cadre institute that specializes in developing acoustics, optics, and magnetism detection equipment. SHINING 3D was invited to print experimental tool by 3D printer-the Sonar components for ship for No.715 institute.

Shining 3D offer an effective solution help Zhong Ou Auto company reengineering motor home seat and improving the develop technology, and cuting the development time, assisting them to design a more comfortable and safe seat under the requirement of high quality in the market.

China’s first OTC stock in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industry(830978)

News Release

Last week, leading Chinese 3D printer and 3D scanner manufacturer Shining 3D held their first Global Partner Summit in their new headquarters in Hangzhou, China. We were invited to attend the 3 days event and give a presentation about the 3D printing and 3D scanning industry.

Sometimes it seems that companies in the west do a lot of talking about the future of manufacturing while companies in China just go ahead and do the things, any-thing, that everyone else is talking about. Shining 3D might just be one of those companie.




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